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What to Do If You Are Discriminated Against at Work

Employment discrimination is when a person or group of people is treated differently from other people or groups at work.

You are being discriminated against at work if you are being treated differently based on your:

  • race;
  • color;
  • religion;
  • national origin;
  • sex (including pregnancy and/or childbirth);
  • disability;
  • age (40 or older);
  • citizenship status;
  • genetic information;
  • military service; and/or
  • whether you smoke or don’t smoke (use tobacco on/off duty).

There are several actions you can take if you feel you are being discriminated against at work. The first is to contact the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission (OHRC).

OHRC has a “work-sharing” agreement with the Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If you file a complaint with one organization, it will be on file with the other as well. If you plan on taking your claim to court, employment law attorneys recommend you file with the EEOC. This is because the EEOC has a superior quality of investigation.

Deadlines for Filing a Claim

There are strict deadlines if you wish to file a discrimination claim with either of the above-mentioned agencies.

  • To file a claim with the OHRC, you must reach out within 180 days of the incident.
  • To file a claim with the EEOC, you must reach out within 300 days of the incident.

Do NOT wait to file your claim until the deadline is about to expire; there may be other legal claims you and your attorney need to file for your case to be seen by a court.

Pursue a Claim in Court

The state of Oklahoma does not allow a court action to be filed by a private citizen (or their attorney) unless the discriminatory act was due to a disability. This doesn’t mean all other claims of discrimination can’t be taken to court; it means the EEOC or OHRC needs to take court action on your behalf.

A claim of disability discrimination must be made in an Oklahoma court within 2 years of the incident; this is the statute of limitations deadline, and if you don’t file within this timeframe you may lose your ability to pursue the case further.

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