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How Can COVID-19 Affect My Adoption?

If you’ve been working toward bringing a child into your life, it’s understandable to feel hopeless and frustrated by having your family’s goals on hold. While it’s not impossible to follow through with the adoption process at this time, an increasing amount of restrictions meant to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus can surely make it more challenging.

As the world strives to cope with the global COVID-19 pandemic, here are some considerations for how your adoption may go differently than planned.

Travel Is Now a Major Consideration

COVID-19 became the global problem it is by travel. Now that national borders are closing in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus, parents who were planning on adopting a child overseas may have to place their plans on an indefinite hold.

So far, traveling within the U.S. by air or rail is still permitted for interstate adoption, although highly discouraged due to ad hoc social distancing protocol.

Social Distancing Can Complicate Bonding

A buzz term as new to most people as COVID-19, social distancing is the practice of limiting your contact with other people. It’s generally advised that people do this by keeping at least six feet away from another person, avoiding unnecessary congregations, and avoiding contact with anyone.

Clearly this will have implications for the adoption process that can present challenges for children and their potential adoptive parents. Alternative means of interacting with children, such as through video chat services, can occur or they may be postponed. Consulting with your adoption agency about how best to proceed is crucial at this time.

Hospital Visits May Be Challenging

Because dealing with COVID-19 is an unprecedented feat for our healthcare system, hospital stays for adoptive parents and birth mothers may be affected in the future. Things are relatively normal at the moment, but visitor restrictions could become a real possibility should the situation grow more serious.

Of course, entering a hospital means heightening your own risk of contracting the virus from a patient who’s being treated for it.

What Are the Effects of COVID-19 on Children?

While children of all ages have been diagnosed and hospitalized for COVID-19, they are in the minority of those affected as of late March. Very few deaths have occurred among children older than 10 and none have been reported for children younger than 10, including newborns.

While this could be considered a silver lining amidst worse outcomes for other age groups, limiting everyone’s exposure to COVID-19 is paramount. No one, especially a child, should have to endure symptoms such as high fever, labored breathing, and dry cough.

Should I Postpone the Adoption Process?

For now, that question may be up to the parents seeking adoption or their adoption agency, but soon government restrictions may come down to decide for you.

Ultimately, doing what’s best for the child should be the foremost concern of everyone involved in the process. What that means or look like will depend on a case-by-case basis.

Bundren Law Firm: Working for Adoptive Parents

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We are an adaptive firm that’s capable of helping you understand how your specific situation may be impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19 and working you through the process as thoroughly as possible. If you need legal assistance regarding an adoption at this time, reach out to Bundren Law Firm for help.

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