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Child Custody Modifications in Tulsa

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When the court has decided on custody of a child, both parents must strictly follow the terms as stated in the agreement. As life goes on, however, inevitable changes in circumstances may affect your child custody agreement. If you are in this situation, contact Attorney Bundren from Bundren Law Firm P.C. Our child custody attorney can help you pursue the necessary modifications to your agreement.

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The Child Custody Modifications Process

Child custody modifications are generally an easy process as long as both parents agree on the necessary changes. However, if the other parent opposes the modifications, you must be able to convince the court that the modifications are in the best interest of your child or that circumstances have substantially changed.

Reasons for Child Custody Modification

We have represented clients with the following reasons:

  • Long-distance move
  • Change in living conditions
  • Change in environment
  • Change in the ability of the parent to provide a home or care
  • Step-parent adoptions

The court always decides based on your child’s best interest and changes in circumstances. Regardless of custody, the court can make exceptions in cases where your child is in imminent danger or harm. Our Tulsa family lawyer is committed to protecting you and your child. We can provide high-level negotiation skills and aggressive representation in court to promptly modify your original child custody agreement.

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