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Providing Financial Stability for Your Child's Future

Divorce is difficult for a child, especially when determining custody and other matters. Parents have the legal obligation to financially support their child. That does not change even if you decide to separate from the other parent. Therefor, it is important to establish child support as early as possible.

At Bundren Law Firm P.C., we can help you obtain an amenable child support agreement to secure your child’s financial stability. We can also help you resolve your existing child support issues.

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Calculating Child Support in Oklahoma

Child support covers more than the basic necessities of your child. It includes a wide range of expenses to ensure your child’s standard of living. Our Tulsa family law attorney is knowledgeable in Oklahoma's child support guidelines that determine the right amount a child may need from both parents. We can use this insight to ensure a favorable and fair agreement is decided on.

There many factors that are considered in calculating child support amounts, including:

  • Amount both parents earn or can earn
  • Amount of other sources of income of each parent
  • Number of children the parents have together
  • Amount of time each parent spends with their children
  • Support paid for children from other relationships
  • Health insurance expenses
  • Educational fees
  • Childcare expenses

The court may also consider other special needs of your child, such as entertainment, extracurricular activities, and college expenses. Our firm can help you give your child the financial security they need.

Modifying Child Support in Oklahoma

After creating a child support agreement, there may be a significant change in your child’s financial needs or a parent's earning ability. In such cases, child support agreements can be modified. Some courts include an adjustment clause in the child support orders they issue to give provision for annual modifications in the agreement.

If your child support agreement does not have such a provision, reach out to Bundren Law Firm right away. Our Tulsa family lawyer can competently represent you in court to ensure the necessary changes in your agreement.

Enforcement of Child Support in Tulsa, OK

Overdue child support is known as an arrearage, and a payer would be "in arrears." There are numerous ways family courts can collect on an arrearage and punish delinquent payers, typically the non-custodial parent.

Methods for collecting on delinquent child support payments include:

  • Court orders
  • Wage garnishments
  • Taking from tax refunds
  • Property seizures
  • Passport denial

In the state of Oklahoma, those in arrears for child support payments can lose their drivers and professional licenses.

Child support orders can be modified by the payer in the event they lose their job or have another impactful life change. However, payers are still responsible for any existing arrearages. Arrearages also typically cannot be discharged if the payer files for bankruptcy. If you need to modify your existing child support agreement, you should get in touch with an attorney right away.

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