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Concerns in a High Asset Divorce Case

Tulsa High Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorce is often a difficult and emotionally draining experience, especially in cases involving couples with high-value marital assets. A lot of contention can arise when faced with the division of a commercial real estate, business assets, pension plans, and large sums of money, often leading to drawn-out and costly legal battles in court, even in situations where a prenuptial agreement exists. If you are in the midst of a high-asset divorce, the skilled and experienced legal team at Bundren Law Firm P.C. can help protect your interests.

Safeguarding Your Personal Wealth

Legally, there is are not fundamental differences between a high net worth divorce and other divorce cases, but the existence of considerable assets can complicate things considerably and typically take more time to complete.

Whether you worked hard to build a business from the ground up, or if your wealth was a family inheritance, you should be able to protect what is yours. Some of the biggest concerns in a high asset divorce case include:

  • Investments
  • Homes or vacation properties
  • Business ownership stakes
  • 401(k) and other retirement accounts
  • Liquid assets
  • International assets
  • Patents, literary rights, or intellectual properties
  • Tax issues or consequences of various asset distribution models
  • Debt distribution

One of the most crucial steps to protecting or securing as much of your assets as possible is determining what is considered marital property and what is separate property. Marital property is the only form of property that should ever be subject to division.

Additionally, the financial circumstances of each spouse will play a role in the division of assets and property. In many high net worth divorce cases, if a spouse was economically dependent on the other throughout the marriage, he or she will require alimony payments to make the transition to being financially self-sufficient.

Key Considerations in High Net Worth Divorce Cases:

  • Valuating business entities or real estate
  • Determining the correct net income for spouses who have multiple sources of income
  • Applying Oklahoma’s equitable distribution principles to the division of substantial assets
  • Determining spousal support for those who require it

To successfully navigate what can be a complex process, you will need an attorney who knowledgeable in such matters. The high asset divorce attorneys at Bundren Law Firm are prepared to guide you through any obstacles or difficulties, including those involving Qualified Domestic Relations (QDROs), uncovering hidden assets, pension, and retirement benefit division, and investment preservation. Divorce is already a difficult enough experience, so we try to field through this process on your own with so much at stake?

Divorce Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs

The Tulsa family lawyers at Bundren Law Firm understand that no two divorces are alike, which is why we seek to understand each client’s needs, goals, and concerns, so we can build a solution that addresses your particular situation. The intricacies of finances are can seem like a tangled web, but we work to help ensure these complications do not stop you from achieving a settlement that is fair and equitable.

Our firm has an established affiliation with financial and tax experts, real estate appraisers, economists, and other experienced professionals to assist us in your high asset divorce case. Do not risk the outcome of your case by entrusting it to less qualified individuals. With our proven track record of success, you can be confident in our ability to successfully and effectively handle your case.

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