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Each state has its own way to divide spousal property during a divorce. Oklahoma is an equitable division state, meaning the marital property will be split between spouses in a way that is fair and reasonable. Marital property includes all assets the couple acquired during the course of the marriage, while separate property includes property acquired before the marriage or after the divorce is filed.

If you’re unsure which property might be considered up for property division during your divorce, let our Tulsa divorce lawyer help. Bundren Law Firm P.C. has helped divorcing couples in the past negotiate favorable terms, and our founding attorney has also represented spouses in court when the couple couldn’t agree on property division.

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Factors Considered When Dividing Property in Oklahoma

Courts have the discretion to consider multiple different elements unique to each marriage, so no divorce will rarely have the same property division outcome. A judge will look at how each spouse contributed to the marriage, including any contributions from an at-home spouse, and the conditions each partner in the marriage will face alone after the divorce. For example, the court will look at the earning potential, medical needs, and childcare costs of each spouse. Likewise, a judge will review the length of the marriage, the health, and wellness of the spouses, liabilities, and any tax consequences after the divorce. Liabilities, or debts, are also divided during a divorce, even if the majority were accrued by one spouse.

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If you’re concerned about how your property division process might go, discuss the details of your situation with our skilled Tulsa attorney. Mary R. Bundren is well versed in many types of divorce cases, from straightforward, low-conflict separations to complicated and emotionally fraught situations. She understands the process can be extremely stressful, draining, and traumatizing. Let her see how she can make the experience as stress-free as possible

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