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Homeowners Association Law in Oklahoma

Resolving Neighborhood Concerns

Being part of a neighborhood may require you to conform to some rules and regulations as imposed by the Homeowners Association. While these rules aim to protect the property value of all the members of the community, there are times when the rules seem far-fetching and impede your lifestyle choices and preference. That is when our property law attorney can help.

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Common Causes of Homeowner Disputes

As a member of a Homeowners Association, you have the responsibility to uphold your community and agree to abide by its rules and guidelines. Despite this agreement, conflicts with your association or with another member of your neighborhood are inevitable.

Below are some of the most common reasons for neighborhood disputes:

  • Use of common areas
  • Architectural committees and subsequent decisions
  • Construction and buildings on the property
  • Landscaping disputes
  • Additions to the property
  • The color tone of the home and outlying buildings

We understand that these disputes need thoughtful consideration to preserve the harmony of the whole neighborhood. Our Tulsa Homeowners Association attorney helps create an effective dialogue with the association or one of your neighbors in an effort to resolve the matter discreetly. We are committed to finding amicable solutions to settle your Homeowners Association dispute.

Understanding the Rights for Those Within Homeowner Association

Our firm offers representation to both homeowners and Homeowners Associations in Tulsa. We act as a mediator to ensure that your neighborhood association remains fair and empathetic to all their members and vice versa. We review and provide a clear interpretation of the rights of all parties to the agreement. In the event that all negotiations fail, our Tulsa real estate litigation lawyer is prepared to bring your issues to court.

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