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Bundren Law Firm P.C. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides representation to individuals and families throughout the state in a broad range of legal issues. Whether you are facing property law disputes or family law issues, we provide the legal services you need on your side. The firm also represents clients in employment law, business law and estate litigation, as well as civil litigation services for a broad range of matters.

To learn more about the skill and experience of Bundren Law Firm P.C. and how we can assist you with your legal concerns, please call a Tulsa lawyer today at 918-528-4998.

We provide attentive and customized representation, devoting time at the beginning of the process to listen and fully understand your legal issues. You will receive honest and straightforward counsel.

Civil Litigation Lawyers Providing Property Law And Employment Law Representation

Our firm is affiliated with a trusted network of attorneys within the office. Combined, they provide more than 100 years of legal experience in a broad range of areas. You can trust that whatever legal complexities may arise during the case, they will receive the attention and skill of an attorney focused in that area of law.

We focus on solutions, providing a resolution to the case that best meets your needs and protects your interests. Years of experience and skill provide us with a framework and procedure to create innovative solutions and paths to successful resolutions.