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Best and Worst Times to Get Divorced

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People are rarely fully prepared to get a divorce, particularly when they are the recipient of served papers. However, if one or both spouses are certain about their decision to end the marriage, there are certain times of year during which it might be better to file.

Best Times

Many people decide to get divorced during the month of January. This time symbolizes the beginning of a new year, which might appeal to those who wish to begin a new life. Likewise, they can better negotiate a new tax status, which will give them another year to figure out how the divorce will impact their financial life. It’s also better to divorce after your children have turned 18 if they are close to reaching that age and moving out. Custody issues tend to complicate the divorce process and make it more expensive. If there’s only a year or two before your kids reach adulthood, consider waiting it out until then.

Worst Times

There are rarely 100% ideal times to decide to get divorced, but there are 100% inconvenient times to choose to announce a divorce to your friends and loved ones. Consider the atmosphere before deciding to get divorced. For example, you don’t want to file for divorce close to a significant holiday or an event, such as a wedding, when people expect to be close to family. The more people there are present, the more likely it is to provoke negative emotions and bad memories. Likewise, there are certain external factors to pay attention to, such as the economy or the real estate market. Divorce might mean one or both spouses will need to relocate; will you both be able to afford a new home or will one spouse need to contribute alimony to the other?

If you want to discuss the possibility of financial stability following your divorce, consider talking to our skilled Tulsa divorce lawyer. Attorney Mary R. Bundren has in-depth experience representing many clients in different types of divorce-related issues. We can provide you with personalized attention in order to help you meet your individual goals and protect your rights. Let us see what we can do for you and your family.

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