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Are You Considering the Possibility of Guardianship? We Can Help!

It is in our nature to help our family members and friends as best as we can. However, there are instances when the care and supervision they need entails legal requirements such as an act of guardianship. By definition, a guardianship is a legal process where an individual is granted certain legal rights and obligations related to the care of an incapacitated adult or child.

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Responsibilities of a Legal Guardian

Assuming responsibility for the welfare of another person presents different challenges. Our lawyers can impart our knowledge on the Oklahoma Guardianship and Conservatorship Act and assist you with the complexities of the role you are about to take.

Our firm can help establish that you are capable of the following responsibilities:

  • Management of income, expenses, and property
  • Ensuring basic necessities such as adequate housing, nutrition, and more
  • Responding to the needs and care of the other person
  • Ensuring the rights and opportunities of the other person
  • Providing the court with a Plan for the Care and Treatment of the other person
  • Filing a detailed report of your activities on behalf of the other person

Our Tulsa guardianship attorney can provide competent representation and guidance. With courtroom, litigation, and settlement experience, Attorney Bundren is ready to help you verify the need for your guardianship.

Guardianship of a Child or Minor

When an adult is granted the rights of a legal guardian over a child or a minor, the responsibilities may be more comprehensive than the guardianship over an adult. A legal guardian of a child may have to assume the responsibilities of a parent including financial and emotional support. Despite the assumed parenting role, guardianship does not relinquish the rights of the birth parents. The child’s parents may also revoke your rights as legal guardian and resume parenting rights if they have proven their capacity to resume their roles as parents.

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Our guardianship attorneys in Tulsa can help with those who need to appoint a conservator or guardian for an adult or a child. We can help you protect yourself or a loved one in the event of incapacitation. Visit our attorney reviews to see why clients choose our firm when they want to hire the best guardianship lawyers near them.

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