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Tulsa Probate Lawyer

We Can Help You With Your Loved One’s Final Legal Affairs

When a loved one passes, certain legal matters remain that need to be handled. During this time, emotions can run high, and family disagreements and entanglements can further complicate the process. For managing your loved one's affairs, you need the assistance of a compassionate probate attorney.

At Bundren Law Firm P.C., our Tulsa probate lawyers can provide helpful counsel and representation in dealing with the legal affairs left by your deceased loved one. Our team can help you navigate probate court in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. In addition, we have assisted estate executors with fulfilling their duties and beneficiaries seeking to contest a will or trust.

We also have experience helping beneficiaries where the deceased does not leave a will. Our law firm in Tulsa has extensive knowledge of Oklahoma's will and intestacy laws. We can help you understand your rights and obligations regarding an intestate estate.

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Why Hire a Lawyer for the Probate Process?

We understand that dealing with a loved one’s death is traumatic, and the last thing you need is to face the responsibility of enforcing your deceased loved one’s trust and will. Our probate lawyer in Tulsa can help navigate the process to ensure that the wishes of your loved one are respected.

We provide sound advice and exceptional representation during:

  • Probate proceedings and trials in court
  • Interpretation of wills and trusts
  • Determination of beneficial share and status
  • Challenges and contests to testamentary dispositions
  • Acquisition of testamentary property
  • Protection of testamentary or probate property and assets
  • Will and trust contests and disputes
  • Testamentary capacity issues
  • Issues of undue influence, fraud, and duress

Our attorneys in Tulsa have many years of experience representing our client’s interests in local probate courts. We can use this experience to make the probate process as smooth as possible.

Probating an Estate in Oklahoma

While probate is generally the same in most states, Oklahoma has laws governing inheritance when a deceased person's estate does not include a will and when certain small estates can bypass probate entirely.

How to Avoid Probate in Oklahoma

Oklahoma allows small estates totaling less than $50,000 in value to avoid probate, instead being distributed through the Small Estates Affidavit. This total amount does not include the value of a real property.

Suppose the decedent died without a will or intestate. In that case, Oklahoma laws of descent and distribution will determine how beneficiaries inherit their property.

Oklahoma intestacy distribution laws are as follows:

  • If the decedent is survived by a spouse and children, the spouse receives half of the estate and the remaining half would pass to surviving children
  • If the decedent is not survived by a spouse but has living children, the entire state is equally distributed among those children
  • If the decedent's children are also deceased, but have their own living children, those grandchildren of the decedent will equally distribute what their parent would have received if alive
  • If the deceased person had no living spouse or descendants, the entire estate would go to their parents
  • With no descendants or parents, the estate would go to the decedent's siblings and the children of any deceased siblings
  • With no living siblings or descendants of siblings, the estate would go to the decedent's grandparents and their descendants

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