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Probate Attorney in Tulsa

Dealing With a Deceased Loved One’s Legal Affairs

When a loved one passes, there are certain legal matters that need to be discussed. During this time emotions can run high and there are often family disagreements and entanglements. You need the assistance of a compassionate and competent probate attorney in Tulsa. At Bundren Law Firm P.C., we can provide helpful counsel and representation in dealing with the legal affairs left by your deceased loved one.

We also have the experience in helping beneficiaries where the deceased does not leave a will. Our firm is knowledgeable in the Oklahoma Will and Intestacy Laws and can help you navigate through its complexities.

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Importance of Having an Experienced Probate Lawyer

We understand that dealing with a loved one’s death is traumatic, and the last thing you need is to face the responsibility of enforcing your deceased loved one’s trust and will. Our Tulsa probate lawyer can help navigate the process to ensure that the wishes of your loved one are respected.

We provide sound advice and exceptional representation during:

  • Probate proceedings and trials in court
  • Interpretation of wills and trusts
  • Determination of beneficial share and status
  • Challenges and contests to testamentary dispositions
  • Acquisition of testamentary property
  • Protection of testamentary or probate property and assets
  • Will and trust contests and disputes
  • Testamentary capacity issues
  • Issues of undue influence, fraud, and duress

Our firm is knowledgeable in state specific laws regarding probate and has many years of experience representing our client’s interests in local probate courts.

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