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Should an Executor Hire a Probate Lawyer?

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If an executor wishes to protect their liability and have professional legal assistance with the probate process, they should strongly consider hiring a probate lawyer.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you should consider hiring a probate lawyer:

  • Is the estate you’re dealing with complicated?
  • Are there suspected problems with the will?
  • Do any heirs of the estate seem hostile toward you or each other?
  • Do you feel unprepared to be an executor?

Not everyone is prepared for the duties and responsibilities required of an executor, but that’s OK. By hiring legal representation, delays and disputes can be avoided during probate.

Are Executors Required to Have a Lawyer in Oklahoma?

While other states might have requirements for having legal representation, Oklahoma has no such rule. Although executors in this state don’t have to hire a probate attorney, they can only benefit from the guidance services that one provides.

Hiring an Attorney Can Protect Your Liability

The primary benefit a probate lawyer can provide is liability protection. Because an executor is responsible for handling the affairs of someone’s estate. That involves dealing with creditors, the IRS, and heirs. Conflict involving any of these entities can generate not only liability for the estate but also personal liability for the executor.

When you hire a probate lawyer, you can worry less about mistakes that can inadvertently cause conflict. If any dispute arises, your attorney can also help you resolve it while protecting your personal liability.

Hiring an Attorney Can Help You with the Probate Process

Even under the best circumstances, probate can be a difficult process for executors to navigate. A probate lawyer is an experienced legal professional who’s been through this before. By hiring someone who can help, you can have someone guide you through all of the necessary steps toward settling someone’s estate.

Call Bundren Law Firm for Assistance

If you are the named executor of a loved one’s estate, you may need a probate lawyer to help you handle this process. Our probate lawyer at Bundren Law Firm P.C. has the experience and skill necessary to help you deal with a loved one’s estate and manage any complications that may come along the way.

If you’re ready to feel more confident about probate, contact Bundren Law P.C. Firm today.