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Common Types of HOA Rules & Regulations

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Whether you already live under a homeowner’s association (HOA) or are thinking about buying in a community covered by one, it’s always good to understand its covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). The purpose of these is to ensure not only the safety and comfort of residents living in a community but also to protect the value of everyone’s homes.

Each community is unique, which means the CC&Rs in one neighborhood are likely different from those in another. That said, many communities governed by an HOA adhere to several common types of rules and regulations.

These types can include the following:

  • ArchitecturalConcerning the appearance of the physical home and extent to which it may be modified.
  • Home Maintenance – Outlining how the appearance of a home must be maintained over time.
  • Lawn & Landscaping – Concerning how lawns must be maintained as well as the species of plants and trees that can be planted.
  • Home Occupancy – Limiting how many people can live in a single home or unit.
  • Noise – Defining the accepted level of noise and when quiet hours are expected.
  • Holiday Decorations – Defining what kinds of holiday decorations are acceptable, when they can go up, when they must be turned off, and when they must come down.
  • Parking – Outlining how parking in the community is organized, such as whether or not cars must be kept in garages and when curbside parking is acceptable.
  • Trash and Recycling – Outlining regulations for how much garbage can be put inside a bin, when bins can be put outside for collection, and when bins must be returned.
  • Pets – Regulations concerning the number, size, and breed of pets members of an HOA can have in the community.

How Do I Find My HOA’s CC&Rs?

You should have been provided a copy of your HOA’s CC&Rs when you bought your home. If you don’t have this set of documents available, you should be able to obtain a copy by visiting your association’s website, contacting a board member, or reaching out to the company managing your HOA.

Can My HOA Really Fine Me for Breaking the Rules?

Yes. Failing to adhere to the CC&Rs of an HOA can result in fines levied by the association. Although you are more than likely to be warned first, fines can be issued for any violation.

Failure to pay HOA fines can result in a civil lawsuit brought by your HOA. In a worst-case scenario, a lien may be placed on your home for unpaid fines, and the HOA can force a foreclosure when certain conditions are met.

I’m Having Trouble with My HOA. Who Can Help?

If you are involved in a dispute with your HOA, Bundren Law Firm can help. Our experienced lawyer has the skill and experience necessary to represent homeowners in civil disputes with their HOAs.

With our assistance, you can benefit from personalized legal service that can improve your odds of reaching an agreeable resolution to your dispute.

To learn more about what Bundren Law Firm can offer, contact us today and request a consultation.