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Easements & Boundary Issues in Tulsa

Attorney Providing Experienced Representation in Boundary Issues

For years, Bundren Law Firm P.C. has been representing property owners and others involved in easement, boundary line and adverse possession disputes. Our firm meticulously reviews all contracts, deeds, and agreements that apply to the property. We provide an understanding of your rights, obligations and legal options, as well as the most effective means to a resolution and the protection of your interests.

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Drawing the Line on Your Property

An easement is an agreement that allows someone other than the property's owner to use the property. One of the most common examples is allowing your neighbor to travel through your property to conveniently get to their own.

Easements cover a wide range of circumstances and arrangements, including:

  • Mineral rights
  • Landscaping projects
  • Homeowners Association laws
  • Water access
  • Arrangements with utility companies

Easement disputes often arise regarding the rights and restrictions of the agreement. Our Tulsa easement lawyer can help you efficiently resolve the matter and protect your best interests.

Boundary & Property Line Disputes

The boundaries of a property are some of the most contested disputes between neighbors or adjoining property owners. Disputes arise over the use of the land when established fence lines or physical markers do not usually match legal boundaries. Other issues include attempts to move fences and markers, encroachments of buildings or roads, landscaping and subdivision issues. When your property is threatened by this issue, we offer helpful counsel and strong legal representation to settle this matter with the other party.

Tulsa Attorney for Adverse Possession Cases

If a piece of property is used for an extended period of time, in violation of the owner's property rights, transfer of ownership may occur. Whether you are seeking possession of a piece of property or are fighting to protect your ownership of that property, our firm protects your interests while working to resolve the dispute.

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