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Tulsa HOA Architectural Disputes Lawyer

Trusted Counsel for Homeowners Facing Architectural Actions

Most Homeowners Association (HOA) covenants dedicate significant attention to the exteriors and architectural choices of homes in the community. A uniform, regulated aesthetic is believe to increase the property value of all homes in the area. For homeowners who are building within the community, all plans must pass through the Architectural Review Committee, or ARC.

The ARC manages a number of facets to a home's architecture, including:

  • Structures on the property
  • Color of the home
  • Type of fencing
  • Landscaping decisions
  • Additions to the home

Some covenants go so far as to dictate types of landscaping and stylistic choices that are visible from the street.

Home and property owners can often run into issues with their local ARC. The ARC may seem overly strict, or they may believe there is inconsistency in how the ARC's rules are enforced.

If you as a homeowner feel your association has gone too far, we can help. At Bundren Law Firm, we have extensive experience in a variety of real estate litigation matters. We can evaluate your situation to pinpoint your dispute in legal terms.

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Understanding the Architectural Control Powers of the HOA

The powers of an HOA and ARC are typically established in the community's Declaration. Just about any proposed changes to the exterior of a home must be first approved by the ARC.

The exterior of the home is often defined by the ARC as "visible from neighboring property," or what one can see when standing on the property line. To be approved, these changes must be harmonious with the aesthetic of the community.

Oklahoma does place some restrictions on the HOA's powers. HOA rules cannot contradict, federal, or local laws. Notably, the HOA and ARC cannot ban the installation of satellite dishes, as this would be in violation of federal law.

Our firm can review the terms of the covenant and apply experienced understanding of contract law to interpret your legal rights. We can provide a clear explanation of the covenant as well as your rights and options. Our team is prepared to represent you before any association committees or meetings. We can advocate on your behalf and attempt to resolve the matter.

Handling Condominium Association Disputes

Architectural disputes are more likely in condominiums than in independent houses. The bylaws not only focus on the aesthetic upkeep of exteriors but include proper courtesy. These especially focus on maintaining common areas, such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, and other facilities.

Some reasons for condominium disputes include:

  • Construction defect issues in common areas
  • Lack of funding for maintenance
  • Nuisance from nearby units

Our Tulsa attorney can help you resolve any kind of dispute between you and your condominium association or another tenant. We provide experienced representation and helpful counsel in a wide range of condominium dispute cases.

We can assist you in resolving any dispute you may have with your homeowners association. Consult with our firm when you call (918) 992-3300 today.

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