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Homeowners Architectural Disputes

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Most Homeowners Association (HOA) covenants dedicate significant attention to the exteriors and architectural choices of homes in the community. It is believed to be beneficial to the property value of all homes when the aesthetic appeal is regulated and provided with a uniform style.

These clauses cover a range of facets, including:

  • Structures on the property
  • Color of the home
  • Type of fencing
  • Landscaping decisions
  • Additions to the home

Some covenants go so far as to dictate types of landscaping and stylistic choices that are visible from the street. For homeowners who are building within the community, all plans must pass through an architectural committee for approval. While these requirements are often accepted, in the event that a homeowner feels that the association has gone too far, we can help.

Bundren Law Firm P.C. is prepared to evaluate the situation and provide a clear understanding of where the dispute lies in legal terms. Call the firm at (918) 992-3300!

Resolving All Kinds of Homeowners Architectural Disputes

Our firm can review the terms of the covenant and apply experienced understanding of contract law to interpret your legal rights. We can provide a clear explanation of the covenant as well as your rights and options. Our Tulsa real estate litigation lawyer is prepared to represent you before any association committees or meetings to advocate on your behalf and attempt to resolve the matter.

We Handle Disputes in Condominium Association

The chances of having a dispute when you live in a condominium is definitely higher than when you are in independent houses. The bylaws not only focus on the aesthetic upkeep of exteriors but include proper courtesy especially in common areas including lobbies, hallways, elevators, and other facilities.

Here are some reasons for condominium disputes:

  • Construction defect issues in common areas
  • Lack of funding for maintenance
  • Nuisance from nearby units

Our Tulsa property dispute attorney can help you resolve any kind of dispute between you and your condominium association or another tenant. We provide experienced representation and helpful counsel in a wide range of condominium dispute cases.

We can assist you in resolving any dispute you may have with your homeowners association. Consult with our firm when you call (918) 992-3300.

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