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Tulsa Lawyer for Quiet Title & Deed Disputes

Helping You Establish Ownership

A quiet title lawsuit allows a property owner to establish and confirm ownership of a piece of property. The lawsuit can be filed either after the other parties have played for ownership on your property or far in advance to prevent such threats. Many times, the process is complicated by the fact that the land has changed possession several times over the years, requiring a thorough review of all documentation.

At Bundren Law Firm P.C., we are prepared to thoroughly examine the case to help establish your rights as the rightful owner of your property.

Understanding the Reason for Quiet Title & Deed Disputes

Each time a piece of property changes ownership, defects or errors in the title may occur. A cloud, or any potential claim on the title may also arise. It is important if you are establishing ownership that you receive a good and marketable title.

Title defects and other potential claims can have a negative impact on your property:

  • Prevents an owner from transferring the property free and clear
  • Decreases value of the land or property
  • Owner’s ability to exercise rights may be challenged

Our Tulsa real estate lawyer can help gather evidences and create a personalized legal strategy to achieve favorable results in your lawsuit. We protect your interests through this process, no matter the complexities that may arise.

Providing Skilled Representation in Deed Disputes & Litigation

Our firm is prepared to protect your interests by providing experienced representation in quiet title lawsuits and deed disputes. Whether you are a landowner seeking to confirm your ownership or another party with a viable claim to the property, we are committed to achieving the best outcome possible.

Let our firm help you in your quiet title and deed dispute case. We provide an evaluation of your case when you call (918) 992-3300.

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