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How to Create a Parenting Agreement

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Divorce can be an emotionally draining time for you, your ex and your children, especially if your divorce has been an acrimonious one. Regardless of the difference between you and your ex, creating an agreement with your ex-spouse on how you plan to continue co-parenting is an extremely important step during the divorce process. With emotions on high, it is important to remember to always but your children’s needs first and do everything you can to make major decisions in your child’s life together. In this blog, our Tulsa family law attorney explains what a parenting agreement is and how to create one for your children.

What is a parenting agreement?

A parenting agreement is a written document between two parents that outlines how you and your ex plan to split parenting time and make major decisions for your children. Parenting agreements allow for a smoother post-divorce process for everyone in the family. In fact, most families who choose to create a thorough parenting agreement can avoid most conflicts that arise out of co-parenting.

You should consider covering the following issues in your parental agreement:

  • Physical custody/living arrangements
  • Visitation plans
  • Holiday schedule
  • Education
  • Child support and other expenses
  • Medical care
  • Religious upbringing

How to create a parenting agreement

You can create a parenting agreement during the divorce process. In fact, your Tulsa divorce attorney can help you come to an agreement. You should consider collecting any documents from school counselors, teachers, or therapists that hold some insight regarding your children. You should also gather documents from your attorney regarding your divorce and child custody agreement. Once you have gathered all the documents, meet with your spouse and your divorce lawyer to discuss the basic outline of your parenting agreement.

After completing the document, we recommend you include the parenting agreement as part of your final divorce agreement. This way, the judge will sign the document, making it enforceable.

For more information on creating parental agreements, child custody issues, or other family matters, contact our Tulsa family law attorney. (918) 992-3300

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