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Tips to Survive the Workday During a Divorce

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Divorce is a stressful time, but it is also often an uncertain one as soon to be ex-spouses part ways and embark on different, separate lives. There may be times when you feel excited at the prospect of this new chapter, and others when you may feel overwhelming anxiety, or loneliness. If these emotions arise at work, it may hinder your ability to perform your job. Here are some helpful tips to get through the workday while in the midst of a divorce.

  • Clean up your desk: It is likely that your desk may have a framed photograph or two of you and your spouse, or a keepsake that reminds you of him or her. Keeping these painful reminders, however, is a bad idea and may district you during the day. Clean up your desk and replace anything that may recall memories of your spouse with other imagery that may uplift you.
  • Block divorce messages: Avoid answering phone calls, texts, and emails regarding your divorce, even from your lawyer, while you are at work. Not doing so may risk derailing your day, especially if something particularly angers or distresses you. Save it for later.
  • Stay busy: Keeping the mind occupied is often a great way to prevent it from lingering on unpleasant thoughts or memories. While at work, keep moving from one task to another to avoid thoughts of your divorce. This does not mean to play the avoidance game all the time, but rather to set it aside for a moment when you truly have the opportunity to adequately process it.
  • Take a break: Short breaks are a great way to give the brain a restart and pick up your mood. Listen to your favorite song or watch a funny video. It will give you the boost you need.

The Tulsa divorce lawyers at Bundren Law Firm P.C. provide compassionate and competent advocacy. During this time, you need a lawyer who sincerely understands your situation and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and best interests.

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