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How to Handle Conflict with Fellow Heirs and Inheritors

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If you are named in a loved one’s will and testament, you may be entitled to certain assets, property, accounts, and so on. When there are multiple heirs and inheritors in the mix, property division and management can become quite challenging, especially when two or more people are tasked with jointly managing a certain property or asset. For example, if a parent dies and leaves portions of their estate to 4 adult children, questions of fairness may arise if property is not perceived to be fairly divided.

There may also be squabbles over how to jointly manage important assets like the house, automobiles, retirement savings, etc. Sometimes siblings or co-inheritors get into legal trouble when one decides to sell off, use up, or otherwise deplete important assets, especially when this is done unilaterally without involving other inheritors or family members.

Contesting a Will

If your loved one has left behind a will that you believe to be unfair, illegitimate, or otherwise unacceptable, you may contest it via the probate process. In order for a will contest to hold up in court, there must be a legitimate legal question about the content of the will, the document, or the process by which it was made. An experienced probate lawyer can help you assess your options and determine whether or not contesting the will in question is your best path forward.

Mediation and Negotiation

Contact our firm right away if you fear your clash with siblings or other co-inheritors may escalate or create major legal conflict. Our seasoned litigators want to help you resolve your will, estate, or probate issue as soon as possible by engaging in civil, productive discourse with other parties involved and utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods, if necessary. Before pursuing a lawsuit or any other serious legal action against fellow inheritors, speak to one of our probate attorneys.

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Call the Bundren Law Firm P.C. today if you are experiencing conflict regarding a trust, last will and testament, inheritance, or any other issue related to managing a loved one’s property or assets after their death. We are committed to helping you resolve your conflict as soon as possible while still working toward a desirable outcome.

Call (918) 992-3300 today to speak to an experienced probate lawyer in Tulsa and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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