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Gray Divorce: Ending Marriage in Your Golden Years

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The divorce rate in America has long hovered between 40% and 50% of all marriages. Most of the “blame” for this high rate has been placed on the shoulders of younger couples who divorce after just a few short years after marriage. However, there is also an increasing trend of older couples calling it quits after many, many years of marriage.

When a couple who has been married for decades file for divorce, it is often called a gray divorce, or a grey divorce, depending on local dialects. The thought of an older couple ending their marriage after so long was once a bit unusual, but socioeconomic changes in recent years have actually helped pave the way for gray divorces.

In the past, older couples would usually be established upon the finances of just one “breadwinner.” But this is no longer the case, even for people in their 60s. If a spouse wants to divorce after 20 or 30 years of marriage today, then they likely have their own career or finances to fall back on, giving them a sense of freedom to end that marriage.

Gray Divorces Happen for Commonplace Reasons

It really should be no surprise that gray divorces are picking up in popularity, as the reasons cited in a gray divorce are usually identical to those named in younger divorces. No matter your age or place in life, you are going to want to be with someone who loves, understands, supports, and encourages you. When these feelings fade away, you will start to have thoughts about ending the relationship. As such, the top reason for gray divorces is “growing apart” or “irreconcilable differences.”

Older couples can also feel a bit of a familial shock once their children all grow up, move out, and begin independent lives of their own. Two parents may have felt most connected in their effort to raise their children. When that responsibility is removed, they find that they do not have much to stand their relationship upon and move towards divorce.

Do you want to file for a “gray divorce” in Oklahoma? Our Tulsa family lawyers and divorce attorneys from Bundren Law Firm P.C. can help you each step along the way. We will pay careful attention to the key details of your gray divorce, like property division and alimony, which can be quite complex when a marriage lasts for years and years. Find out more or begin your case by contacting our law firm now.

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