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How to Maintain Property Lines with Neighbors

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Everyone dreams of the perfect home; whether that be a country house with white picket fences or a place in the suburbs surrounded by perfectly manicured hedges. Whichever idea strikes your fancy, it can quickly turn to disaster if you aren’t on good terms with your neighbors.

A common cause of neighborly disputes has to do with property lines. Sometimes where one piece of property ends and the other begins can lead to heated disagreements. How can you permanently establish property lines with your neighbors to keep the peace?

Oklahoma Property Line & Fence Laws

Disputes can arise between neighbors when first establishing the exact location of property boundaries. Oftentimes, a surveyor must come to the area and determine the boundaries. Once they are established, neighbors can then put up fences or partitions to establish where one piece of the property begins and the other ends.

Once property lines are established, neighbors must:

  • equally maintain the fence or structure between their properties, unless one owner decides to let their land be open as a public-commons;
  • reimburse their neighbor with a fair proportion of the value of the fence erected, if they later enclose their property;
  • erect a fence on the line between properties so the fence is partially on either side (optional);
  • remove a fence that is on the line between properties, as long as it is not more than 5 feet from the line (optional); and
  • no owner can remove a fence out of malicious intent or in a way that causes undue harm to their neighbor.

Bundren Law Firm P.C. - Resolving Property Line Disputes

If property disputes arise, the best option is to seek the counsel of an attorney with experience solving boundary issues. Our attorney can aggressively fight for your rights and help secure your property lines.


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